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Georgina Scott was born in the county of Norfolk, England, to Thomas and Sylvia who relocated from London in the early 1970s. She grew up surrounded by the beauties of East Anglia.Joining the Royal Air Force in her late twenties, where she met her husband Charlie, also a serving member of the Royal Air Force. Both now settled in rural Lincolnshire with their beloved pets, Rose and Muggs.After leaving the Royal Air Force and continuing to work within the aviation industry, her old passion for writing was reignited.

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“One of these days, I am going to kill you, kill you slowly, and before I bury you, I am going to watch you burn!” Jake Evan said.Jake is the youngest of four boys who holds the same hatred for his alcoholic father as his father holds for him, for reasons not known by Jake.His mother, Faith, may hold the key to the hatred and the reasons behind Jake’s behaviour. Desperately trying to keep her family together, will she survive the trials and tribulations of what’s ahead or will she succumb and fall back into the arms of a past lover?



I’m gearing up to continue the saga of Jake Evans and family in the sequel to Echoes in the Woods. A full update will be available soon. featured on the homepages of PublishersWeekly.com ........


MAY 27TH, 2021

Dear Reader. A very interesting part of my life, going to be very busy after another promotion at work. will still leave me a little free time in the evenings and weekends to continue the saga of J ........


I knew it was a dream, but it felt so real. I was back, back in the cellar. My hands and ankles tied and I couldn’t move. The rats scurried around the room, my skin tingled as thousands of tiny nee ........


As we start to see the misty fog clearing and the light begins to shine through this pandemic. I wake every morning thinking “Today is going to be a good day with no mistakes.” I pour a cup of coff ........


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